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Sadly, when eco-friendly products come out, it's very hard for it to become popular. Right before the Pandemic of 2020, there was a big demand for eco-friendly products and they started showing up in certain name brand stores like Target, Wal-mart..etc 

Since times were tough, many products did not lift off well or just disappeared. 

Lia Pregnancy Test

Lia was founded by Bethany Edwards, as the only FDA-cleared plastic-free, flushable pregnancy test. Her invention and work helped pioneer the need for more biodegradable diagnostic test kits. The website is currently unavailable. 


Old Spice& Secret Deodorant 

At the beginning of 2020, Procter & Gamble introduced plastic free deodorant.

Paper tubing or a refillable case with paper refills seem to be quite a great big step for such a big company but they soon got discounted due to unforeseen market crash during this time.


Swish Mouthwash

Around 2021, Colgate released a mouthwash in a aluminum bottle with 3 different flavors. From what i can remember, it had a very smooth taste that was not too overpowering and did not burn. It is no longer available anymore. 

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